aka Damien Mauro

No and: 1983
Place of residence : Avignon
Experience : early 2000'
Style : Self-taught, the Goddog style
medium : Aerosol, pencil, acrylic and oil paint
Support : Wall, Papier, Toile,

Damien Mauro aka GODDOG is a self-taught artist who, from the 2000s, took his first steps in urban environments, starting with the lettering he produced in large quantities to "push the competition" with his acolytes, and as it is soon, mark his mark on his territory in order to transmit the idea "Goddog was here".

Then he gradually abandoned lettering in order to resurrect a new, stronger and more recognizable imprint by creating a graphic charter such as a logotype that is his own and therefore unique.

One of the events that is significant in the evolution of Goddog's identity is his passage to the artist residency Jardin rouge of the Montresso Foundation in Morocco. Residence which welcomes many quality urban artists such as RERO, Cedric Crespel… Important step for the way to apprehend both his creative tools which he likes to take up the anecdote on the manufacture of brushes on his first day of residence, than on the work of composition of the canvas. It was also during this experience, then assistant to painters of frescoes of religious buildings, that Goddog breathed a certain mysticism into his work.

Damien develops his composition work with his own codes and his own graphic charter. These works are borrowed from primitive, poetic, architectural inspirations and draw strength from his encounters.

Link to his website: http://goddogart.com/

Works available: