born around : 1990
Place of residence : Marseille, recently..
Experience : Early 2000'
Style : Drippings, Colored,
medium : Aerosol, pencil, digital
Support : Wall, Papier, Toile

BLACK is an artist who chose to remain anonymous to focus in his artistic approach!

In 2007, he created the collective Le Coktail, with which he participated in numerous Street Art, graffiti, graphic design, painting, scenography and decoration projects.

BLACK's work is very inspired by the energy and lively atmosphere of the street. After Bordeaux and Paris, he now lives and works in London.

The bustle of the city and its crazy nightlife, with its endless maze of neon lights and music clubs, inspire many of his paintings. His more organic works depict unique colorful flowers mixed with the surreal lighting of fluorescent tubes.

Aware of the various ecological challenges and economic problems of today's world, he constantly insists on spreading a positive message through his art.

Throughout his career, he has received commissions for different artistic events around the world, such as the Seoul International Flower Festival, the FIA Formula E Championship in Berlin and the Flower Show Turkey in Istanbul.

Its colorful and eccentric walls can now be seen in many places, including Paris, New York, Cartagena, Bangkok, Berlin, Marrakech and Seoul.

BLACK has also collaborated with various international companies, including Celebrity Cruises, Danone, Puma, Jaguar Land Rover...

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