Age : 53 years
Place of residence : Galsgow
Experience : current 2000'
Style : Contemporary
medium : acrylic and oil painting
Support : Canvas, Very large single screen print

NOBODS, is an artist who has long been nicknamed Bod.

After his studies at the Fine Arts, he became interested in graphic arts and design, and went through the CFDAA to complete his training. 

On the one hand, he is one of the jewels of France as a Creative Director in advertising, very early on he received numerous awards, notably by creating one of the first "Guerilla marketing" campaigns in 2003. Then he chained the successes and continued his career which will always be as prolific. He works today in free contract in order to devote more time to his painting.

On the other hand, he tried his hand at painting in the early 2000s, with a few encounters who will inspire him, in particular street art artists who, like him, wear two hats. With his graphic sense, his universes and his obsession for fractals, there again Laurent will very quickly surround himself and succeed. His work will be featured in the Saatchi Gallery online; then It will evolve in the NK gallery in the marshes until the beginning of the 2010s, where it will be very popular.

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