aka Juan Pablo de Aiguavives

No and : 1971
Place of residence : Lozere
Experience : early 2000'
Style : Self-taught,
medium : Aerosol, pencil, acrylic and oil paint
Support : Wall, Papier, Toile,

A pioneer of the graffiti movement in France, Juan-Pablo "POPAY" from Ayguavives lives and works in Corrèze.

Passionate about painting and comics, he got involved in graffiti at the age of 15. Very active from the mid-1980s "underground" until the new millennium, he cut his teeth alongside crews, frequenting squats and wastelands such as Le Pôle Pi, La Miroiterie, etc...

Over the course of his self-taught career, on the fringes of academic paths which hardly correspond to him, he experimented with various creative processes through illustration, graphic design, digital and special effects.

In particular, he trained in digital skills in the production of special effects for Caro and Jeunet "La cité de enfants perdus". He participated in the coloring of the second comic in the Lascars series and he drew illustrations for glacial fluid, LYLO, Technicart and Liberation… And he signed record covers for Fantasia and Pushy!

In recent years, Popay has multiplied interventions on monumental walls and urban architecture, responding to orders across Europe. On his XXL format frescoes, he develops a composition technique, where he works the patterns in solid colors, posed and repeated following a protocol that would like to borrow from tapestry.

Popay, in his approach, seems to have reached a certain maturity, seeking to simplify in order to reach the essential. He traces the framework of his journey, following his dreams and his instinct as he has always followed it.

Sue B.H

Link to his website: https://popay.fr/