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PRINT of the month: NIGHT PRINTS

At the initiative of Nightime Gallery for Graffiti art in collaboration with the participating artists, it is a project of edition of serigraphs that dedicates each month the work of a new artist.
You will find in this edition 021, the participation of BIMS, GODDOG, EMMANUEL VITTORIOSO, KONNY,NERONE, POPAY and others...
Each artist comes with his universe and a freedom of exercise.
Each month, the work of a new artist will be highlighted and will join this edition 021.

JUNE edition :

The Giclée print of Emanuele Vittorioso is available in 30 copies in 40*60cm format, from June 11th at 4pm in the store.
The whole set was sent to Sicily and then returned with care, so that Emanuele could number and sign each copy. The whole is edited on 290gr paper. The original work Shake the room was created in early 2021, using mixed media on a canvas measuring 86*136cm.

Emanuele is a controversial artist in Italy and in Sicily, he shines especially abroad. His very modern reappropriation of the codes of Italian abstraction of the 50's-60's is the cause. When you look at Emanuele's work, you feel a certain energy deployed on the canvas. It is the association of the chromatic composition with the gesture of the painter who is a street artist above all.



 MAY Edition:

The Serigraphy of GODDOG is available in 50 copies, its format is 70*50cm, serigraphy in 3 colors, Black, Blue, Gold. Each copy is enhanced which is exceptional from Goddog, then numbered and signed by the artist, all on a 260gr Velum Ivoire paper.

GODDOG entitled it DUCTUS, it is a reference to the work of writing and means the action of bringing, directing, tracing. The reference resonates with the continuous writing of the graphic charter and codes that Damien creates in his work. The symbolic evocations cross between the "totems". It is an invitation to a temporal and mystical journey that takes us on both sides of the canvas. DUCTUS is created especially for "Night Print 021". 


APRIL Edition:

The Monochrome Serigraphy of BIMS is available in 50 copies, its format is 70*50cm. Each copy is enhanced and signed in a unique way and numbered by the artist on a Sirio 210mg Pietra edition paper.

To take up the challenge of this project, BIMS has concocted this intimate work in black tone on tone, working on its subject with deep flat tints, hatching and hollows of light that brings relief and walks the eye on the canvas. This work conditions all the evolution of his work, letting appear the different steps on this work (BIMS lettering, geomorphologies, work on texture and depth). As Bims says himself, he tries to "paint graffiti".