No and : 1986
Place of residence : Reindeer
Experience : 22 years old
Style : graffiti artist, essayist
medium : Aerosol, pencil, acrylic and oil paint
Support : Wall, Papier, Toile,

 SBIIIM or BIMS depending on the networks, is a Catalan street artist, from a family of artists. He grew up surrounded by art books and comics from the family library.

From the age of 10, his interest is in drawing and very quickly, he discovers graffiti, lettering and the original New York style, from which he does not take long to emancipate himself while keeping his codes, making collide cubism, futurism, abstraction and illustration in an explosive patchwork of shapes and colors.

Around the age of 20, he left home to settle in a city where the practice of graffiti was welcome. This is how he made his first visit to Rennes in 2010-2011 where he met local artists, in particular POCH, then went to discover several places in France (Toulouse, Niort, Lyon, etc.) for some years.

Finally, he will come back in 2017 to Rennes and he will get a place with a workshop by the city. 

His most singular style, immediately identifiable, does not follow any dogma. Thus, he multiplies the collaborations with great contemporary artists where the competition of different trades such as cabinetmakers and designers is offered.

Some of his works have found place in the permanent collections of Casa Cavazzini, the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Udine in Italy and the Straat Museum of Amsterdam in Holland.

Moreover, it contributes since 2017 in the organization of the biennial TEENAGE KIKS, an event that works to promote the international graffiti scene, by inviting pioneers and big names in urban art to Rennes and its region.

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